16 March 2017

80 – Every Last Drop

I wrote about time in the last essay. Time plays a part in this essay, too. So consider this an appendix to #79.

19 February 2017

79 – Concerning Time

I’ve thought about time a lot during the past couple of years. I actively train myself to make better use of my time. So, no alarms and no surprises: this essay’s about time.

13 February 2017

78 – What You Do Have

Whenever we’re tempted to fret over what we don’t have, we need to find gratitude for those things we do have.

29 January 2017

77 – Enter the Nature

It’s been a good spell since last I House Newfed. I laid off the words between the Winter Solstice and Perihelion. I’ve focussed on novel-writing and law studies since then. I’ll say more about those side-activities another time. Just know that I’ll never become the next John Grisham.

22 December 2016

76 – On Discipline (or, Go Easy)

We’ve all got interests, hobbies, and passions. They’re important to us. They’re worth our time and effort. Pursuing them often requires discipline. Yet sometimes we need to give ourselves a break. Sometimes we need the discipline to know when to go easy.

And this essay’s about that.

11 December 2016

75 – Make Good Things Happen for a Reason

One of the best people I’ve ever worked with got fired recently. And that helped me fine-tune the reason for making this essay happen.

3 December 2016

74 – Be Three Things

We all want to be many different things in our lives. And we become many different things during our lives. I’ve come to believe that there are three things we must be in life. And this essay’s about that.

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