13 June 2013

3 – From Great To Epic

I own about 1000 CDs. Yes. One thousand. And yes, I still have CDs. I know. Maybe I'll find my way to I-Tunes someday.

I'll probably pass on an I-Phone though. I like to think I'm smarter than the average bear.

In all honesty I wish I had about 10,000 albums (I'm in the process of digitizing my CDs so I can relieve myself of the physical discs and their jewel cases). I say that because one of the things I like most about music is discovering an artist or band through friends or by wondering who some of your other favourite artists listened to. It's impossible to stop searching, and it always leads to interesting places. It's kinda like archaeology with your ears.
I love finding an artist who makes me think "how the hell did I not find them sooner?" It's the feeling I had when I recently started listening to Roxy Music. I'd heard of them, and a friend even spoke highly of them. Turns out I'd even heard one of their songs but never made the connection. You've probably heard it a few times as well, possibly in another incarnation. All I'll say is it's tough to top an original unless you're this guy.

I looked up Roxy Music's catalogue and dove in without a reference point. I wanted to hear their music with as little background knowledge as possible. I listened to them almost exclusively for the next three months.

One of their songs reminded me of one of how amazing it is to see great music performed live. For example, I will never forget seeing Metallica live in concert. The concert itself was pure bliss but when they opened with this song my skull nearly popped (I wish I'd been that close to the stage!). My skull experienced similar tremors when The Rolling Stones played one of my all-time favourite songs during a show in Moncton several years earlier. I really think I was the only person who cheered his ass off! I guess everyone else was waiting for 'Brown Sugar' . . .

I had the same experience with Roxy Music a short while ago. I really enjoy their Country Life LP from 1974. I suspect many young men would've wanted a copy of the record simply for its cover. But it's the music within that'll keep you coming back. Two songs that stand out for me are 'The Thrill of it All' and 'Out of the Blue.' You can thank me in eleven minutes.

I have never seen Roxy Music in concert. Nor did I exist when they were recording their greatest works. But my skull would have popped had I been in the crowd at this performance from early 1975. You're welcome.

Sometimes live performance makes great music epic. If you're still not convinced watch this.

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