15 September 2013

27 – Guest Essay By Warren Cassell, Jr.: We Become What We Are Surrounded By

“Hang around thinkers, and you’ll be a better thinker. Hang around winners, and you’ll be a better winner. Hang around a bunch of complaining, gripping boneheads, and you’ll become a better complaining, gripping bonehead.”-
Sharon Lechter & Greg Reid, Three Feet of Gold 

What an honour it is to be writing a guest post on The House Newf today. I am a teen entrepreneur from Montserrat, and this year I set off on a journey to encourage others to listen to what nature has to teach us because I believe that nature offers us a wealth of wisdom, if we are willing to listen. This journey inspired me to publish The Farm of Wisdom: 25 Unforgettable Tales that Will Ignite a Wiser You, a book which not only shares life lessons through memorable stories, but also makes readers more conscious of what animals, plants and nature in general are seemingly teaching us.

Plants and animals have taught me that we become what we are surrounded by! The environment that we are in and the people who we are around play a major role in our development. What follows is a parable about eight guavas who found out the hard way that the atmosphere we are in can either nurture or spoil us.

11 September 2013

26 – Upcoming Essay By A Special Guest

I’m happy to report that I’ll be sharing an essay from a guest essayist in a few days time. You can read an essay by Warren Cassell Jr. right here this coming Sunday, September 15th.

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