17 July 2014

39 – Choosing to Choose Less

Two things happened on Saturday morning that inspired this essay. First, I went into town for groceries. Second, I learned that Lebron James decided to take his talents back home.

Those two things got me thinking about decisions. Big ones, small ones, and ones that don’t matter. So I decided to write an essay about that.

13 July 2014

38 – Disregard The Last Post Now

I've finished all the maintenance and revamping I wanted to do to The House Newf. Actually, I just got tired of reformatting. Fuck it. I don’t care. It’s good enough now. 

6 July 2014

37 – Closed for Maintenance

The House Newf is going through some general maintenance and minor revamping today. All content (save for this short post) is down until that’s done.

1 July 2014

36 – Happiness Is A New Essay (That’s Not Posted Here)

What kind of jackass announces a new essay and then doesn’t publish it on his website?

The kind of jackass who decides to publish it on Medium instead.

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