23 June 2014

35 – The Difference A Year Makes

I started writing The House Newf just over a year ago. I’m very happy that one year later I’m still doing it.

18 June 2014

34 – Doing Without Is Giving Yourself What You Need

I’m several days into a new clean eating routine. By clean I mean no ‘fake food.’ No frozen processed dinners, refined sugars or grains, or fast food. Just clean, whole foods like fruit, vegetables, lean meat, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, and some other healthy stuff.

As part of this routine I was preparing some sliced orange and kiwi for breakfast the other morning. As I cut up the fruit a thought struck me. Thankfully nothing else did. A thought’s enough for me first thing in the morning. 

What's a House Newf?

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The House Newf is from a rugged and beautiful island on the eastern edge of Canada called Newfoundland. He was first identified by a potter with a naturalist's flair, and he does in fact live in a house under the watchful eye of a cat that seems bewildered by the universe at large. That house is in Halifax, Nova Scotia and that's where the House Newf writes fiction and essays on things that add value to his life that may add some value to yours. You can contact him at bobharding80@gmail.com, follow him on Twitter @theHouseNewf, on Instagram @thehousenewf, and like him on Facebook. The House Newf is a unique specimen. Every home should have one.