20 August 2013

25 – Special Essay On Medium

My new essay is ready. But it’s not published here. It’s my second essay on Medium, where I published this one previously. 

12 August 2013

24 – Music For Making Sense Of It All

I like having days off. They leave so much time to do so many activities. Like writing. I’ve published two House Newf essays today. That wasn’t planned. But the Facebook conversation I recently had with my uncle about the subtle brilliance of George Harrison’s songwriting changed all that. It sparked the idea for this little essay. Nothing beats the unexpected feeling of inspiration.

23 – How You ‘Just Do It’ Matters

Twenty-five years ago Nike unveiled one of the most iconic slogans in marketing and cultural history. Along with the ‘Air Jordan’ and ‘Bo Knows’ campaigns of the late 1980s, those three little words helped Nike completely alter the landscape of sports marketing and consumer culture. You know the slogan even if you don’t think you do. And it’s impossible to say those three little words without seeing the equally iconic swoosh flash before your mind's eye. 

But it’s not enough to ‘just do it.’ How you ‘just do it’ is just as important.

7 August 2013

22 – Wisdom In The Store Aisle

This is an unexpected essay. The following episode from my work life popped into my head while I was watching the waves a few days back. And I realized that it demonstrated valuable things about gaining understanding by confronting chaos. 

2 August 2013

21 – Who Cares What Anyone Thinks of You

One of my best friends, The WaterDragon Potter, has a son who's just turned seventeen. It reminded me of how I felt and acted when I was seventeen. And that seemed a good opener for this essay.

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