23 December 2013

31 – Gifts That Matter

I like Christmas. I like the lights, the trees, and the wreaths. I like the music, and those children’s Christmas specials that I still watch every year. I like seeing friends and family who I don’t get to see very often. And I do like getting some gifts, and giving them as well.

1 December 2013

30 – Just Keep Going

My writing has slowed down considerably these past couple of months. But that’s OK. I knew it would happen. The important thing is I’ve been able to keep it going despite slowing to a snail’s pace. After all, moving forward at a snail’s pace is better than not moving forward at all.

16 November 2013

29 – Have A Nice Day

This essay is inspired by two unrelated events a couple of weeks ago. First, I went on a road trip with my good friend, The WaterDragon, to visit our good friend Mr. E. Second, Lou Reed, the godfather of underground music, died.

26 October 2013

28 – Sushi For Breakfast

Many of us work for weekends. We construct our plans for leisure activities around these brief windows when we’re free from dreadful things like punch-clocks, compliance reports, and deadlines. Setting out to make good use of your free time is great. But sometimes the best times pop up out of nowhere and you end up eating sushi for breakfast. 

15 September 2013

27 – Guest Essay By Warren Cassell, Jr.: We Become What We Are Surrounded By

“Hang around thinkers, and you’ll be a better thinker. Hang around winners, and you’ll be a better winner. Hang around a bunch of complaining, gripping boneheads, and you’ll become a better complaining, gripping bonehead.”-
Sharon Lechter & Greg Reid, Three Feet of Gold 

What an honour it is to be writing a guest post on The House Newf today. I am a teen entrepreneur from Montserrat, and this year I set off on a journey to encourage others to listen to what nature has to teach us because I believe that nature offers us a wealth of wisdom, if we are willing to listen. This journey inspired me to publish The Farm of Wisdom: 25 Unforgettable Tales that Will Ignite a Wiser You, a book which not only shares life lessons through memorable stories, but also makes readers more conscious of what animals, plants and nature in general are seemingly teaching us.

Plants and animals have taught me that we become what we are surrounded by! The environment that we are in and the people who we are around play a major role in our development. What follows is a parable about eight guavas who found out the hard way that the atmosphere we are in can either nurture or spoil us.

11 September 2013

26 – Upcoming Essay By A Special Guest

I’m happy to report that I’ll be sharing an essay from a guest essayist in a few days time. You can read an essay by Warren Cassell Jr. right here this coming Sunday, September 15th.

20 August 2013

25 – Special Essay On Medium

My new essay is ready. But it’s not published here. It’s my second essay on Medium, where I published this one previously. 

12 August 2013

24 – Music For Making Sense Of It All

I like having days off. They leave so much time to do so many activities. Like writing. I’ve published two House Newf essays today. That wasn’t planned. But the Facebook conversation I recently had with my uncle about the subtle brilliance of George Harrison’s songwriting changed all that. It sparked the idea for this little essay. Nothing beats the unexpected feeling of inspiration.

23 – How You ‘Just Do It’ Matters

Twenty-five years ago Nike unveiled one of the most iconic slogans in marketing and cultural history. Along with the ‘Air Jordan’ and ‘Bo Knows’ campaigns of the late 1980s, those three little words helped Nike completely alter the landscape of sports marketing and consumer culture. You know the slogan even if you don’t think you do. And it’s impossible to say those three little words without seeing the equally iconic swoosh flash before your mind's eye. 

But it’s not enough to ‘just do it.’ How you ‘just do it’ is just as important.

7 August 2013

22 – Wisdom In The Store Aisle

This is an unexpected essay. The following episode from my work life popped into my head while I was watching the waves a few days back. And I realized that it demonstrated valuable things about gaining understanding by confronting chaos. 

2 August 2013

21 – Who Cares What Anyone Thinks of You

One of my best friends, The WaterDragon Potter, has a son who's just turned seventeen. It reminded me of how I felt and acted when I was seventeen. And that seemed a good opener for this essay.

27 July 2013

20 – Stars Can Make Us Better

I like looking up at the stars in a clear night sky. I don’t do it because I’m an astrology enthusiast. Nor am I practicing to impress girls. I believe that stars offer valuable lessons in how to be better people, and that starlight carries important cosmic messages from the deep past.

25 July 2013

19 – Quitting Doesn’t Mean You Suck

I’ve just started a new job. I’m pretty excited. It’s a fairly labour-intensive position that requires a sharp mind at all times. I like both. It’s a win-win situation. 

20 July 2013

18 – Listen, It’s Good

I mention in the 'What's a House Newf?' profile section that I write about things that add value to my life that may add some value to yours. Music is one of those things. I love it. I’m a big fan of many genres and artists. As I’ve taken to telling people who ask, I’ll listen to anything from ABBA to AC / DC. With a few exceptions, of course. 

19 July 2013

17 – Where’s The Essay?

I spent a good chunk of this day toiling away at a new piece. It's finished now, and published. Just not here this time.

18 July 2013

16 – The Best Advice I’ve Been Given

I shared some advice I got from my dad in a previous essay. This one continues in a similar vein. I got the urge to make this list this morning. So I did.

16 July 2013

15 – Powerful Reminders When You Least Expect Them

I like books and movies about how people, things and events are interconnected. The Celestine Prophecy is one of my favourite books. I enjoyed the movies Signs and Jeff, Who Lives at Home for similar reasons. They suggest nothing happens by chance and that keeping an eye out for subtle yet resonant messages can help us better navigate the murky waters of life. 

14 July 2013

14 – Doing Lots With Little Time

I recently wrote about why admitting our mortality can drive us to make the most of our lives. I’ve been finding it useful to apply the same approach on a day-to-day basis. Do I look in the mirror and remind myself that I’ll die every morning? Unnecessary now that I’ve got my new motivational saying.

11 July 2013

13 – Good Things Come In Threes

I recently started keeping tabs on every purchase I make. No, I don’t #smallenfreuden. Morgan Freeman’s voice doesn’t get me excited about a credit card company showing me all my small purchases on one bill at 18% interest. I just jot down what I bought and how much I paid for it instead.

5 July 2013

12 – Live Your Life To Death

Motivational sayings are everywhere. On magnets and mugs. Posted on your friends’ Facebook pages. Posted on your Facebook page. Tattoos. Bathroom stalls. Yes, bathroom stalls. In my book the phrase ‘Be unstoppable’ counts no matter where it’s scrawled. 

1 July 2013

11 – Swimming On A Hot Day Always Trumps The Plan

Tuesday was a hot day in Halifax. The thermometer tapped out at 32 degrees (38 with the heat index). It was a great day to be outdoors or a great day to be indoors, depending on your take.

29 June 2013

10 – Fear, Freedom and The Power To Disconnect

I get along with my younger sister. We've never had any major differences or falling outs. Apparently we didn't even cause our parents too much grief as kids. Except for the time we played Barber Shop and I ruined her bangs. What else do you expect from a five-year old with scissors?

24 June 2013

9 – Let The ‘Real You’ Breathe

I've written short fiction and poetry since I was in high school. I kept with it while attending university.  But it slipped away from me as I moved through my twenties.

22 June 2013

8 – Why Falling Down Is Important

When I do watch TV it's the commercials that frustrate me the most. I'm often tempted to smash the TV with a bat, as these inspired souls did to their dreaded office printer. It looks like a great stress release, and the best part is no one gets hurt!

18 June 2013

7 – Why I Don’t Regret Anything

We've all heard someone say "if I had my time back, I would've done it different." We've probably all said it many times. I'll be the first to admit I have.

16 June 2013

6 – Good Advice Never Grows Old

I always did really well in school. Even high school. But I didn't always want to go. Everyone remembers feeling like that. But what I remember most is the little trick my dad taught me to make it a little more bearable.

14 June 2013

5 – Exercise To Feel Better

I did my daily workout routine a short while ago and feel excellent. It was an arm workout, following yesterday's chest and back routine. I'll blast my shoulders tomorrow, and do some legs and core work on Sunday.

4 – Eat To Feel Better

I've always liked eating. I'd never say no to food, and always find room for more. Who wants to say no to food, right?

13 June 2013

3 – From Great To Epic

I own about 1000 CDs. Yes. One thousand. And yes, I still have CDs. I know. Maybe I'll find my way to I-Tunes someday.

I'll probably pass on an I-Phone though. I like to think I'm smarter than the average bear.

2 - Happiness Is Less Stuff

Happiness is less stuff (or a warm gun, depending on who you listen to).

1 - Saying Hello Is The Best Way To Do That

Hello, and welcome to my blog. I'm glad you've decided to drop by. I'll tell you a little bit about what you can expect.

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