14 May 2014

33 – The Things You Need To Tell Yourself

You get asked to take stock of yourself and your life every so often. I don’t know who or what’s doing the asking. Fate. The universe. Our subconscious. God. But you hear it, even if it doesn’t register with your ears. You can feel it in some part of your being that I have no words for. But I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Being asked to take stock of ourselves is a big task. It can be unsavoury and a little intimidating. Scary even.

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The House Newf is from a rugged and beautiful island on the eastern edge of Canada called Newfoundland. He was first identified by a potter with a naturalist's flair, and he does in fact live in a house under the watchful eye of a cat that seems bewildered by the universe at large. That house is in Halifax, Nova Scotia and that's where the House Newf writes fiction and essays on things that add value to his life that may add some value to yours. You can contact him at bobharding80@gmail.com, follow him on Twitter @theHouseNewf, on Instagram @thehousenewf, and like him on Facebook. The House Newf is a unique specimen. Every home should have one.