14 June 2013

5 – Exercise To Feel Better

I did my daily workout routine a short while ago and feel excellent. It was an arm workout, following yesterday's chest and back routine. I'll blast my shoulders tomorrow, and do some legs and core work on Sunday.

I've showered, put on some clean comfortable clothes and am now eating a delicious and healthy supper (stir-fried veggies and a lean steak). And while I am not a kinesiologist, nutritionist, or psychologist, I can tell you with certainty that my body simply feels more relaxed, my mind is calmer and clearer, and the food just tastes better after exercising. I'm not equipped with the scientific jargon to explain why. If you want that, speak to one of the three specialists I just mentioned. I'm not here to tell you why exercising makes you feel better. I'm just here to tell you that it does. 
When I started to exercise regularly six years ago I immediately noticed that it positively affected how I felt. My brain began feeling less cluttered, physical aches and pains disappeared, and I felt more motivated to complete seemingly difficult tasks. The realization that I'd done something challenging to improve my body spilled over into real life. And the further I traveled along the path, the more I came to view food as fuel

Even when I do not want to exercise I do it. I simply tell myself that every time I exercise I am doing something positive for my body and long-term health. I cannot imagine how I lived without it now, and will not live a life without it again. 

Do yourself a favour and allow yourself to exercise. Do something. Do anything. You will feel better. And that's something you deserve. 

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