12 August 2013

24 – Music For Making Sense Of It All

I like having days off. They leave so much time to do so many activities. Like writing. I’ve published two House Newf essays today. That wasn’t planned. But the Facebook conversation I recently had with my uncle about the subtle brilliance of George Harrison’s songwriting changed all that. It sparked the idea for this little essay. Nothing beats the unexpected feeling of inspiration.

My uncle is a wonderful painter and bass guitarist. He’s also a Beatles fan of the highest order. A few days back he shared a video of ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps,’ which he believes to be George’s true masterpiece. I agreed and threw out some other Beatles-era George Harrison masterpieces for fun, including this delicious track. My uncle replied and reminded me not to forget this beautiful song I hadn't heard in a long, long, long time.

I spent the rest of my night listening solely to Beatles songs written by George. While listening to one song in particular I thought, ‘this’d be a good one to listen to when you’re trying to make sense of it all.’ And it’s included in the track list below. 

Life can be pretty hectic. It’s important to step back every once in a while to try and make sense of it all. Otherwise you’ll be drowning in white noise and bullshit before you know it. 

I’ve already written about songs that really lift me up. I also like listening to certain songs when the need to sit back and make sense of it all sets in. They help me cut a path through the white noise and bullshit.   

We’ll have some fun with this too. After you’ve had a listen, send me a comment answering one or both of the following questions:

1) Two of the songs were released as singles shortly after the artists died tragically. Which artists and songs are they?

2) A couple of years ago I won the $25 runner-up prize at a local bar’s karaoke night for singing one of these songs! Which song did I wow that crowd and judges with?

There is a prize. That prize is hope. Yes, hope. It can be given. Here’s the proof.

So here’s some of the music that helps me make sense of it all. Enjoy. And please share the music that helps you make sense of things, too!

Into the West, Annie Lennox
I’ve Got a Name, Jim Croce
The Hardest Button to Button, The White Stripes
Time, Pink Floyd
Heading for the Light, The Travelling Wilburys
Through the Dark, KT Tunstall
Lateralus, Tool

The colour print can be found here.


  1. 1) Jim Croce / I've got a name
    Marvin Gaye / Inner City Blue's
    2) Pink Floyd / Time

    Second guessing myself on a lot of that Bob but the songs that come to my straight off are:

    Watching the river flow / Bob Dylan
    Watching the wheels / John Lennon

    1. Dave,

      Question 1: Croce yes, Gaye no - but that's a good pick!

      Question 2: Not Time. Though that'd be good!

      I thought about 'Watching the Wheels' but felt it was more of a 'Dave' song - it's one I remember from the 5 disc epic - you know, the one we forgot and had to drive back 3 hrs to get. Haha!

      Thanks for commenting and sharing! Bob

  2. My guess for karaoke...White Stripes or Tool.

    1. Both good guesses. Both would be good to sing. But wrong! Thanks for the guesses Tahlia!


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