3 May 2015

53 – Be A Planet

A good while ago I wrote about how stars can make us better. Now I say we should be like planets too.

Interesting phenomena exist in the endless dark of space away from the light of the stars. Dark planets are one of them. They drift freely through space, orbiting no star like our Sun. Away from the light of any star they appear to be cold, bald, and lifeless spheres. Yet despite these conditions astronomers speculate that some dark planets could still bear life.

Life can find a way even without light. 

There might've been such a thing as dark stars too. But this essay ain't about them. I just wanted to work The Grateful Dead's legendary 'Dark Star' concert jams into this essay. So here's one such 30-minute-mindblow.

They truly came alive when performing live. 

Anyways, back to our story.

In sharp contrast to dark planets, planets like Earth have got it made. They orbit a star that provides heat and light to their surfaces. The gravity of a star keeps planets orbiting it in a rhythmic cycle of cosmic unison. A star provides fuel and a degree of order to those planets. They just seem to make more sense when they're part of a solar system. And for us, it’s important and humbling to know that Earth is little more than a pale blue dot in the midst of something much greater and far more important than us humans will ever be.

People are like planets. We make more sense when we're connected to other people like family, loved ones, and friends. They become the solar system we bind ourselves to in life. Identifying and pursuing a passion (whether as a career or as a past-time in our own time) provides the fuel for wanting to be in life. It's the sun in the sky that we orbit. Passions gives us direction and a sense of purpose.

When we go it alone without any sense of passion we become like dark planets. We find ourselves wandering aimlessly through hot air, white noise, and bullshit as brought to us by The World. Alone we can seem like invisible vessels of aimless potential. Like a dark planet, it can seem like we're not even there.

Humans are one of the very few species on this planet that exhibit eusocial tendencies. I'm not defining eusociality for you. Fuck that. I've learned that I'm at my stupidest when I try to explain too much. So here's a great explanation from the expert instead. Bottom line: it's in our nature to come together. We become much more when we connect with compatible people.

Eusociality: proof that humans and ants behave alike.

We all possess ideas, imagination, and talents. We all like to shine. But the spark needed to ignite that little flame of action often comes from the people around us. They often show us what we can't see, tell us what we need to hear, and teach us the things we can't get our heads around. They often help us find our passions, or find the balls to pursue them. Often times it's others who truly set us on fire.

Alone we're limited potential. But when we connect with compatible people, when we align with them in little solar systems of friendship, cooperation, and collaboration we become something more. We become more creative, constructive, and productive. We become our real selves. We truly come to life.

You are who you are in life because of everything you've done up to this very moment. You’re also who you are because of who you surround yourself with. Move with people who complain, blame, and wish their time away and being in life will become like a mindless, blind slog through the dark. Move with people who find the good, take proper action, and think clearly about things and life can become like a nice stroll along a clear path.

I know what both scenarios are like. I'm sure you do too. Life's never been very fun when I found myself surrounded by whiners and agony-bags.  Life was even less fun when I cut myself off from others entirely.

Thankfully we've got some say in the matter. We have some choice about the people we move with. And life has always been a more enjoyable and fulfilling ride when I've aligned myself with positive, proactive, and practical people. Lots of House Newf essays are directly inspired by the people around me. I'm pretty candid about that in #16, #28, #42, #49, and #50, for example.

You’re your own planet. And you’re in search of your home solar system. Choose wisely. It can be the difference between amounting to nothing or becoming something greater than you've ever imagined.

And there’s nothing wrong with shooting for the stars. Remember, we’re made of star stuff. 

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  1. Nicely said Bob. Remeber we sometimes put ourselves in dark places in order to see the light. Disposition has a way of rising up sometimes...friends will always save us from this darkness.


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