30 June 2015

55 – Lessons and Links From Year Two

It only struck me the other day that I’m now two years deep into The House Newf. I like it. Newfing is fun. Especially in a house.

It also struck me that an interesting thing’s been happening. When I started Newfing I consciously decided not to cater to a specific audience. I didn't want to try and please everybody. And I never will. Fuck that. Because when you try being everything to everyone you end up meaning nothing to no one. That’s truth.

I write The House Newf for myself. First and foremost. The essays serve as personal reminders to keep going whenever I’m feeling down, uninspired, or pissed off and frustrated by The World. 

But I’ve realized that these essays I’ve written for me aren’t really mine. Most of them are other people’s stories. They’re about what the people around me inspire me to think and do. They’re about how those people are helping me become a better person. There’d simply be no House Newf if those people didn’t do the things they do the way they do them. End of story.

I can write. I know that. But there are plenty of things I don’t know. And there are plenty of things I can be better at. After all, finding yourself is the job that lasts a lifetime

But in the past year epic people like Small Paul, Double M, Clay, Bob Neil, Initials, DJ Serious, Ma Kettle, and Uncle Ross have taught me plenty about being better at life. They’ve taught me the value of seriously foolish fun, finding your Peace, aging like wine, making lifestyle changes, living happily rather than happily ever after, making ‘your’ own rules, and making yourself forever. Together, they've taught me that simply being around good people makes us better people ourselves. That’s why it’s good to be a planet.

I can’t thank them enough for helping me get better at life. And I can’t thank you enough for using your time to read my words. I don’t have the words for that.

But I can still thank you.

Thank you for inspiring, encouraging, and motivating me to keep Newfing.

And keep popping by. I ain’t going no place. I got too much Newfing left to do.

And here are links to some of the best essays I’ve posted during House Newf Year Two. Enjoy! 

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Bonus Round: if you've read down to here then you get to check out a new video I made for this post. The pictures are mine. The song isn't. Here we go


  1. I enjoy reading your blog. You are lucky to have people in your life to guide and support you. It would do everyone good to have such people in their lives. I enjoy your stories as well. Keep writing !

    1. Hi! Apologies for the delayed response. Thank you kindly for the compliments. I am grateful for those good people too. I will keep writing. Cheers!


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