13 September 2016

68 – Three Simple Rules

Last time I went off on a rant. But this one’s going to be over before you know it. 

It’s important to be clear and direct when you’ve got a point to make. 

Little things often make the biggest impact in our lives. And it was from a little thing that this essay was born.

We bid fare thee well to a warehouse co-worker a couple of weeks ago. BeerShirts returned to trade school last week where he’s studying carpentry and house construction. So I wanted to talk with him before he left. Because reasons.

We didn’t talk long.  Everyone in the warehouse took a crack at him. And that was nice to see, because BeerShirts had become a valued member of the team over the past few months.

Myself and BeerShirts had a nice, brief chat. He told me he was excited to start the program because he's always enjoyed helping his dad with carpentry projects since he was a kid. I told him that was great, wished him luck, and offered him a few words of advice.

And that got me to thinking about what living a good life means. And I think I’m qualified enough to say something about this. I’ve seen both sides now.

Here are three simple rules for being in life:

1) Do something that makes you happy.
This applies to both work and hobbies. No matter what you do, let the Real You breathe.

2) Take care of your body.
Put good food in it, exercise with it, take it outdoors, and go easy when it needs a break. Don’t ever forget to be human.

3) Connect with good, proper humans.
Good people are good at helping others become better. Always be a planet and let good friends lead the way.

Simplicity is an important thing to find in life. Especially in a world where things are made to seem anything but. Too many rules to follow, standards to meet, and grades to make can leave us feeling trapped.

Simplifying our lives frees us. It allows us to see and hear with more clarity what truly matters. It opens us to the possibility of more happiness. It enables us to live a life of high performance / low maintenance.

Three simple rules. Four simple words. 

Those are rules and words worth living by. 

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